We all build dreams. In other words, ambitions are the reason to live but most often mistakes ruin them. Well, being Amazon FBA experts, we make sure to secure your dreams. We are presenting 14 Amazon FBA mistakes to avoid as a newbie.

So, without any further ado, let’s explore the oops;

Mistakes are the best teachers

Major areas of mistakes:

For your comfort, we have divided the mistakes into five categories. From start to end, let’s discuss them respectively;

  1. Initial blunders
  2. Oops while listing
  3. Sourcing faults
  4. Rules and regulations complications
  5. Promotion flaws

Let’s uncover each category in detail;

1. Initial blunders:

At the start of FBA, sellers are always vulnerable to haste. In this haste game, newbies make a couple of basic Amazon FBA mistakes as given below:

• Ignoring the competition:

Being a beginner, keep in mind, that there should be the least competition for your product to grow.

The top 10 sellers in your category must have less than 100 reviews. In addition, there should be no brand dominance.

Potential loss:

In a high-competition niche, you will have to spend a lot in terms of promotion, and still, there will be fewer chances to emerge.

• Misguidance:

Honestly, inexperienced gurus and service providers are making things messy. You can easily be trapped and get informed wrongly.

Learn and get served by authentic service providers. If you have a reasonable time, must avail courses by professionals. This will be a worth-paying investment.

Potential loss:

Misguidance is destructive as it will cost your time as well as money.

Initial Bundlers

· Blind trust in trends:

Trends are practical examples of misguidance. If you are considering a trend to follow, must have proper research first.

Purely suggesting, don’t rely on trends. It is a miss or hit case and being a new seller, you can’t afford a miss.

Potential loss;

When a product gets trendy, it means the market is saturated already. You don’t have enough time to capitalize.

In short, it will cost your time, effort, and of course a lot of investment.

• Going with your likes and dislikes:

Yes, it seems a bit strange but your interest can polarize your inspection. If you have clear research into your favorite products you should go with that.

Potential loss:

Your likes will impact the research. It can turn out to be a blunder.

2. Listing Oops:

After selecting an attractive product, there comes a product listing. You have to be careful regarding the following steps:

• Putting the product in the wrong category:

A category is a key factor to recognize the audience. Most sellers try to put the products in a low competition category to have better results.

Potential loss:

Wrongly categorized products will be ranked poorly. It can miss the search results and audience.

• Poor product listing:

A catchy, clear, and persuading listing leads to a high conversion rate. An unattractive product listing can be one of the most costly Amazon FBA mistakes as it is a display communication. Off-colored titles, messy bullets, and unclear images are major listing slips.

Potential loss:

Non-professional listing affects branding.

If you want to learn more about listing optimization, reading  “Amazon Listing Optimization | 07 Steps to Win the Market” can help you a million.

Poor product listings

3. Sourcing; massive Amazon FBA mistakes

Now you are in the middle of the ocean. You have to work efficiently on sourcing. Following are some sourcing mistakes anyone can commit:

• Sourcing low-quality and expensive products:

While sourcing, the key principle is low cost and high quality. Reconsider if you are investing in a non-deserving product.

Potential loss:

Undoubtedly, Low-quality products will de-rank your brand. Amazon warehouse charges are another factor to consider as they can pile up in case of low sales.

• Over-ordering the stock:

No one wants to be out of stock. And, This intention leads to ordering the stocks in more than enough. Hence, it can be a spoiler.

Potential loss:

Amazon warehouse charges for the inventory stock. So, if your excessive stock of products cannot be sold, the warehouse will charge extra which results in a gross loss.

• Sourcing by non-professional suppliers:

Every third supplier creates a mess while sourcing. Low-quality products, delayed shipment, and non-professional behavior are major problems in this case.

Potential loss:

Evidently, a lack of trust will damage the credibility of your brand.

Since to avoid these shits, read the guide article “Amazon Product Sourcing| 04 Basics to Know in 2021”.

4. Rules and regulations complications:

Respecting the rules and regulations will help you establish a brand. Some sellers slip in this area and regret it later.

Potential loss:

In case of violation of terms and conditions, your seller account can be canceled. Resulting in the loss of your money and investment. In addition, you won’t be able to sell again on the platform.

5. Promotion and customer care flaws:

When it comes to promotion and customer care, eventually it means the brand is established. Now it is time to advertise it. This is the prime time to invest and if you hit the mark, it will be a boom for your brand.

Customer Care

• Being outdated:

If you are satisfied with your product with pre-existing features, rethink your plan. And, always keep an eye on the improvements you can add while sourcing a product. Finally, ask your manufacturer to innovate the product so that it may catch the eyeballs of buyers.

• Avoiding Amazon PPC:

Undoubtedly, Amazon offers a classy promotion plan, Amazon PPC. In addition, it values your promotion if applied perfectly. If you are ignoring the PPC, you are probably wrong in terms of advertising the product. Rethink your plan and get benefits from PPC promotions.

• Lacking a review plan:

Reviews are reflections of a product’s performance. If you manage to gain reviews in the initial stages of your business, you are lucky. Moreover, if you cannot have reviews organically, must build a review plan and get benefitted.

• Low customer care:

Interaction with your customers is called customer care. As a result, Your interaction will decide the performance of your product. And, when you manage to construct comfy customer care finally, it will help you to have permanent customers.

  • On-time delivery
  • Review replies
  • Better product quality

How do avoid the Amazon FBA mistakes?

Although We all commit Amazon FBA mistakes the important question is whether we learn from them or repeat them?

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