Searching for the best is the first step to starting the best. Since Amazon FBA product hunting is the root of your E-commerce journey via Amazon FBA private label.

In short, searching for the best product to sell and in turn, establishing the best brand. So, Product hunting is finding a “winning” product that can generate considerable revenue.

Since Amazon is an ocean of products, it’s not an easy job for fresher’s to dive in. If you want to be a part of this industry, you’ll have to keep a sharp eye. You can’t just indulge and invest, as in this case, the only favor you have is a stroke of luck.

Undoubtedly, you will have to spend a lot of time, energy, and money to find the best product. It is not as simple as it looks.

There are specific tools and analytics that guide you to a drop in the bucket. Finally, this article is going to give you a complete route to finding a dreamy product.

Keep in mind

Finding a catchy product can be:

  • Time-consuming
  • Not a Childsplay
  • Unpredictable

Don’t be frisky in this context as being a basic step, it carries a weight. So, you will have to keep a balanced attitude towards it.

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Points to Ponder

There are a few key notes to keep in mind while doing Amazon FBA product hunting that can get the ball rolling:

High demand

Demand means how much time it will take to be sold after being up for sale. In short, the more the demand in the market, the more will be the sale.

Low competition

Additionally, with high demand, your competition should be low. It will brighten your chances of market growth. If the demand for the product is high but a couple of sellers have already dominated the market, it is like biting the bullet.

Reasonable profit

The third vital point to consider is profit. Firstly, the key goal of your efforts is a considerable margin of profit. Your product must have a $20+ profit margin otherwise it isn’t worth investing.

Keyword search volume

This is the number of Google searches for a particular keyword in a month. Since it demonstrates the demand and competition for a product. Major and short keywords usually have more searches than long tails.


Mostly, some products are ultra-attractive but in a specific season. Such products seem like game-changers but beware, haste can be a waste. Must consider the on-and-off of the product of your concerns as well. Always prefer a product with year-round demand.
Seasonality in Amazon FBA product hunting

Consistent behavior

Finally, if the product is a golden egg for a whole year. Next is to catch is its behavior. A product’s behavior means whether the product remains in almost equal sales and searches throughout the year or not. So, the extreme difference in ups and downs of a product’s performance is inadequate.

Attractive Title

Once the product is considered, cast about an appealing title for your product. Your Title should be attractive as well as SEO optimized. So, SEO optimized title will help you to rank your product on top. Add appropriate keywords to keep it in the eye.

Limited Reviews

Basically, reviews on a product are a reflection of its performance and quality. The more the reviews are, the more beneficial it is for the seller. But, anything in excess creates a mess and the same is in this case.

A wide number of reviews implant an impression of fakeness. Always avoid products ranging between 500-5000 reviews to be in the good books of customers. Seek for a product with less than 50 reviews for the top 3 sellers and if they have above 1000 reviews, it means this market is already crowded and no more room for newbies.

Lightweight and simplicity

In short, simple is attractive. In the context of our blog, it means our product should be simple in dimensions and design. The more complications, the more will be surprise costs.

From manufacture to stock to delivery, it costs a huge as Amazon warehouses charge more for heavy products. Delivery charges also increase leading to lower profits.

Margins for improvement

We all know, Innovation is survival. Look for the margins where your product can be innovated. Fulfill the requirements of customers of existing brands and manufacture a product that should have all missing features. This can be a game-changer.

Keep away aspects

Along with the above features to consider, here are a few points to avoid in product hunting.

Avoid the decline in Amazon FBA product hunting
Avoid the decline

Products with legal complexities

Always give a miss to the products with legal issues as it will be time taking. There are some products of some brands which are prohibited for Amazon FBA private label. Involvement in such a brand can burn your energy and money as well.

Amazon FBM brands

You’ve noticed written AMZ or FBM on Jungle Scout search results. Always prefer not to consider Amazon FBM brands. Missing these brands in your product category is a blessing. Search for the products without these labels.

Categories to avoid

The following categories have never been attractive to invest in:

  • Ceramics
  • Fragile products
  • Glass
  • Paintings
  • Multi parts products
  • Electronics
  • Health and beauty products

Tools and Extensions

• JS (Jungle Scout) • Helium 10 X-ray • Viral launch

How EcomXcore will contribute?

Our EcomXcore experts are just a click away to make your Amazon FBA Product Hunting work. Have contact with our experts and they will manage your FBA business. Let’s shake the hands and have a rise together.