Are you done with hunting, sourcing, listing, and eventually launching the product? that’s great. What’s the next? Well, the answer is simple, “advertisement”. Amazon’s PPC strategy is the roadmap that shapes your promotion policy.

This basic article will introduce you to the PPC campaign. So without beating around the bush, let’s guide the newbies.

What does Amazon PPC mean?

Amazon PPC is an advertising plan for sellers.

PPC means “Pay-Per-Click”. You will have to pay Amazon for the clicks your product gain. In short, it is a platform by which the sellers can make their products on top of the Amazon page.

Basic terms glossary:

There are a couple of hot terms in PPC campaigns. You must be aware of all these to be adept in advertisements.

Search terms The search queries a user types in Amazon are called search terms.
Keywords These are the phrases or words that a seller gives Amazon to bid on.
Attributed sales The margin of sales generated per week of clicks on the Ads.
Impressions Count of Display of your ads.
Clicks This is how many times your ad was clicked.
Negative keywords The irrelevant keywords that don’t create sales.

Campaign types:

There are two major campaign types. You can choose the campaign according to your budget and plan.

Automatic PPC Campaigns:

Amazon takes over your campaigns completely and runs them on its own. It takes less effort but on the other side, it is more wasteful for being less precise.

Manual PPC Campaigns:

In this type, you take the measures for your campaign and adjust the budget range and target keywords. It takes a bit more effort but eventually turns out to be more fruitful.

Making mistakes is better than faking perfections

Ad types:

Amazon modifies the advertisement plan according to your preferences. Based on what is your focus, PPC offers three Ad types:

  1. Sponsored products: It focuses on specific products to promote on Amazon search results. These are also displayed on Amazon product display pages.
  2. Sponsored brands: Such Ad types are designed to build brands. It includes the brand logo and the three best products. It pushes the customers to visit the brand store to increase sales.
  3. Sponsored display Ads: These are shown on the Amazon product detail page. They target the shoppers who are visiting a specific niche of products and work accordingly.

Keyword match types:

The keyword for which you are launching a campaign is categorized into three clans.

  • Broad: It covers a wide range of keywords related to the target keyword.
  • Phrase: In this category, the keywords with the same word order are included.
  • Exact: This one is the most precise and accurate. It includes only exact keywords like the target keyword.

Why is Amazon’s PPC strategy important?

Advertisement is the fundamental concept of business.

You have to be popular for building a brand and eventually having high sales. Amazon PPC campaigns are the golden eggs for the promotion of your products and brand.

It makes your logo and products visible to the shoppers. In short, Amazon’s PPC strategy is an investment that will pay back the bulk of products.

Amazon PPC Campaign Stretegy

03 bonus tips from our experts:

Along with this basic guide to PPC, we are providing some expert tips. Just keep in mind these while considering the PPC on Amazon.

Have clear goals:

• Be precise about the targets you have to set. • Critically analyze the need of the hour about your brand, whether it needs brand ads or product ads. • Have a sharp eye on keyword research to determine the type of advertisement of purpose.

Be organized:

• Don’t just haste. It can make waste. • With clarity in goals, have research and launch the marketing accordingly

Try both short and long-tail keywords:

  • Short keywords will have a huge range but with a bit of risk.
  • Also invest in long-tail keywords, with a low range, they will have a high conversion rate.
Amazon PPC for Sales boost

In short, we can make a statement that a precise advertisement with proper research can be worth considering. It will make your brand and product boost. Choosing proper plans, and precise keyword research along the path suggested by our experts can prove your Amazon PPC strategy a game-changer.