Do you know? Walmart is the 2nd largest e-commerce platform following Amazon. Weekly, It has more than 265 million customers around the globe. Isn’t it appealing to sell?

Along with Amazon, why don’t you consider Walmart Dropshipping to grow online?

And this article is the Walmart dropshipping guide to crack the code.

So let’s dive into Walmart for dropshipping;

What is Walmart?

Walmart is one of the E-commerce giants of the 21st century. It is a retail corporation that was established by Sam Walton in 1962. According to Fortune Globel 500 list, Walmart is the largest company in terms of revenue with US$548.743 billion. Being a seller, it can turn out to be a golden egg to fill the pockets.

Walmart dropshipping:

Similar to Amazon dropshipping, Walmart includes 03 identities for dropshipping:

  1. You, as a seller
  2. The store
  3. The buyer

This method is called third-party selling. It involves listing your products under your own business identity. In this case, your control on listings and pricing is increased.

You simply have to ship your products to Walmart which controls the fulfillment process.

Dropshipping process:

It is a bit difficult to be approved as a seller on Walmart. If your information is up to the mark, you can crack this code. Follow the following pathway to dropship on Walmart:

  • Create a Walmart seller account
  • Get a resale certificate
  • Find the wholesale suppliers
  • Create a wholesale account
  • Hunt for the best products
  • List your products on Walmart
  • Fulfill the orders
Walmart drop shipping process

Is it worth considering?

Like Amazon, Walmart is an attractive platform for dropshipping. It has a reasonable number of pros and cons. Let’s discuss them individually;


  • No registration fee to start selling
  • Next-day delivery to attract more customers
  • A wide range of products to sell
  • Classy customer service
  • More control on delivery of sensitive and fragile products


  • Sky-high competition
  • Difficult registration process
  • Strict pricing rules
  • Lower profit margins

Honestly, if you want to earn money without haste, Walmart dropshipping is a good plan for you. It takes a lot of effort and time to build your business.

Walmart dropshipping guide Tips:

Our experts are involved in Walmart dropshipping. They are aware of the ups and downs of this business model. Following are some key tips by them;

  • Be diligent and keep patience
  • Give your best (time, effort, and investment)
  • Pick a product of your favorite niche
  • Be attentive to your metrics
  • Keep your listings optimized
  • Getting customers feedback

If you follow the footsteps of professionals by applying these tips, you can change the game on your side.

Pros and cons of dropshipping

Bottom line:

Walmart can be a gold digger for you but it needs a resilient attitude. If you are a short-tempered person with early expectations, rethink your plan of getting into Walmart dropshipping.

This was a Walmart dropshipping guide to have great success in 2021. Ecomxcore is one click away to boost your Walmart dropshipping career. Have a call/chat with our experts to manage your Walmart dropshipping. Our services are here to serve the best.