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Hi, I’m Pratima. 

I’m a product business coach, and founder of multiple 6-figure inspirational gifts eCommerce business. I love helping product entrepreneurs like you achieve your goals with clarity, confidence and consistency.

I’m building a community of smart, brave product business owners like you who’re: 

  • tired of complicated marketing strategies that are difficult to implement
  • tired of ad strategies that are draining your resources
  • tired of not knowing if you are doing this business-thingy right
(Sound familiar?)

You’re in the right place.

We do things differently around here. We focus on understanding foundations, creating a specific 90 day marketing plan, and executing it.

That’s it!

That’s how you get tiny results. Tiny results when done consistently create momentum for you to achieve your big goals.

Join me if you’re ready to grow your business with clarity, confidence, and consistency.

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Pratima is kind, very knowledgeable, and has a genuine desire to help. She teaches concepts with clear steps to action so you get it and don’t feel overwhelmed. She also gives examples/scenarios that show you how to apply it to your business. I have been putting off starting an online store for over 4 years now. She helped me launch it with 46 sales in the first week.
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Lauren Rice
I did the strategy call. Pratima was very well prepared for our call and gave me a thorough audit of my website and gave me a detailed action plan to correct many conversion issues. She also gave me specific changes to my 90 day marketing plan to maximize sales.
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Magdalena Dlugolecka
Pratima is just different. I have taken many courses but none of them came close to what I learned and implemented with her. She gives specific steps, explains the reasons behind them so you can understand and customize it to your business. Since joining her private Facebook group, I’ve increased my web traffic, sales, and email engagement.
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Ellen Benoit

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