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We are Bitimerce | Charting Your E-commerce Excellence

How amazing it feels when you find the solution to a problem you have been struggling with! We know, so we wanted to be that solution for E-commerce businesses. Eventually, it became the reason we came, ran and won the race.

03 years back, being commerce grads, we knew that venture capitalists struggle with:

  • Uncertainty & Risk
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Products: Supply and Quality

And boom, we started a company that led 200+ Amazon and Walmart stores, and Tiktok shops to thriving earnings by our:

    • Secure & Risk-free business models
    • Marketing Strategies to turn visitors into customers
    • Proven demand-Supply management system

    In just 03 years, our result-driven teamwork climbed $2.3 Million in revenue, leading our clients to a tension-free lifestyle with ever-earning stores for them.

    Now, after excelling across platforms, we are here to skyrocket your E-commerce profits with Bitimerce, a complete package to your care-free side hustle.

    Consult our experts right now to be a part of our happy family and let them boost your business with their E-commerce consultancy.

    Values We Believe in


    We believe that transparency is the beauty of a relationship. We protect it by keeping business progress always visible to our clients.

    Results Monitoring

    Businesses need care. Our experts monitor the results and progress with a keen eye and make strategies accordingly to perform extraordinarily.


    Risk is good but calculated risk is better. We know how, when and where to spend with our experience in analysing niches and markets.

    24/7 Support

    We keep healthy contact with our clients informing them about the red and green flags of their businesses with 24/7 customer support.

    Goals We Aim for

    Empowering Business to Thrive Online

    Making it easier, smoother and steadier to start and stand as an online business in modern economics. We believe in skyrocketing incomes for your business accounts.

    Building Seamless E-commerce Experiences

    Ending the narration that E-commerce is hard to understand and succeed. Our experts believe that investors don’t even need to understand it, they should only enjoy it.

    Driving Innovation in E-commerce Solutions

    We believe there is always something unlearnt. We are doing our best to find it in modern commerce and this belief has already led us to unmatched market tactics.

    Fostering Long-Term Client's Success

    We know it needs trust to invest your savings. Standing on already-build grounds of trust, we aim and promise long-term, healthy and steady results for our clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Amazon FBA Wholesale

    What is Amazon's wholesale model?

    The Amazon FBA wholesale business model allows you to purchase products at a discount from manufacturers and resell them on Amazon. You can earn handsome income by adding more profitable products to your store after choosing a manufacturer.

    Do you need a wholesale license to sell on Amazon?

    A wholesale license is required to buy from a wholesaler, whether you operate a business online or offline. With this license, you can buy bulk products from manufacturers and resell them.

    It is one of the biggest advantages of the document that you will not have to pay sales tax on sales. Getting a wholesale license also makes you appear honest, dependable, and trustworthy to clients and suppliers.

    This will assure them that they are working with a company that will promote, market, and sell their products. Furthermore, they will guarantee that you abide by local, state, and national rules and regulations when reselling wholesale goods.

    Before applying for a wholesale license, a few things must be in place. You must register with the IRS and obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

    A state tax ID number and a sales tax permit are also required before applying for a wholesale license. There may also be a seller’s permit, reseller’s license, wholesale ID, retail ID, or resale ID.

    What is Amazon wholesale FBA profitability?

    The profit potential of wholesale products is enormous. Products with a high return on investment (ROI) can be found on Amazon. Purchases from wholesale sources cost less than purchases from retail sources for other sellers.

    Is Amazon wholesale FBA lucrative?

    Amazon FBA has an immense profit potential if you find good products to sell. Products with high ROI (Return on Investment) can be a game changer for your business. Just hunt, source and obtain those products at low prices and boom, you can be where you want to be.

    Amazon Arbitrage

    What is Online Arbitrage?

    Online arbitrage is the process of buying goods from one retailer and selling them to another marketplace to generate Profit.

    What are the pros of Online Arbitrage?

    • It is possible to start an OA with a low budget.
    • A fast and easy way of generating money that can be done in a short period of time
    • You do not have to create your own listing and advertise it
    • Do not buy reviews because they are not going to do your listing for you.

    What are the cons of Online Arbitrage?

    you should have the technical background for this business model.

    Competitors can leave bad reviews after buying the product from you.

    Can Online Arbitrage be profitable?

    Yes, everybody can do it. Due to price fluctuations between Amazon and retailers, the opportunity exists.

    Amazon Account Reinstatement

    What are the Reasons for Amazon's Account Suspension?

    Policy violations

    Intellectual Property Infringement

    Inauthentic Products

    Poor Performance Metrics

    Manipulation of Reviews

    Multiple Accounts

    Payment Issues

    What is the Process for Requesting an Appeal on Amazon?

    Identify the suspension reason.

    Review Amazon’s Policies

    Prepare a Plan of Action (POA)

    Gather Supporting Documents

    Contact Amazon Seller Support

    Follow Up

    Be Persistent

    What are IP Complaints?

    Amazon IP Complaints refer to allegations of intellectual property infringement made by rights holders against Amazon sellers. Intellectual property (IP) refers to intangible creations of the mind, such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents, that are legally protected.

    What is Trademark Infringement?

    Trademarks are signs, symbols, or logos that represent the goods or services of one business. Trademark infringement occurs when a seller uses a trademark without authorization or sells counterfeit products bearing a trademark. Trademark owners can file complaints to have infringing listings or products removed from Amazon.


    How long does it take to get my Walmart Business Verified?

    Depending upon the expertise, documentation, and somehow luck, it might take a few minutes to two business days.

    I have two Seller Center Accounts in different countries, Can I link both of them?

    A big yes, if your Seller Center account exists in another country, you can use the “Link Feature” in your non U.S Seller Center account to get both accounts linked.

    Getting set up and running on WFS | How much time it takes?

    After completing these steps your WFS business will start running.

    • Establish a product catalog.
    • Initiate inbound orders after catalog creation.
    • Receive accurately labeled and packaged inventory within two business days.

    Make the items available for sale to customers after receipt.

    What can sellers do to accelerate revenue lift with WFS?

    Based on Walmart Fulfillment Service’s successes, we suggest:

    • Picking products and brands that are new to Walmart.com
    • Selecting competitively priced items
    • Premium-quality item page content
    • Balancing supply-demand
    • Sponsoring and marketing your products via the Walmart Sponsorship program.
    • Making sure that you do not violate Walmart’s policies

    Tiktok Shop

    Getting started with TikTok Shop | What to do?

    If you have a TikTok account or an Email, it’s easy. These steps will lead you to get started with TikTok shop:

    • Enter your business information
    • Select your business type
    • Complete document verification
    • Wait for approval while your application is being reviewed
    • Link bank account
    • Upload your products listings

    And boom,

    • Start selling and earing
    I want to sell my products on TikTok Shop, but how?

    Following the given steps may lead you to earning a thumping revenue from TikTok shop.

    • Get your products promoted by TikTok influencers
    • Opting for TikTok affiliate program offered by the platform.
    • Going LIVE may help you
    • Create videos that showcase your products and are shoppable
    • Keep a close eye to your reviews, analytics and dashboard.

    Tip: Hiring an expert can help in doing all this fussy stuff for you. Book your personal TikTok Shop consultant now.

    How promotion helps me with TikTok Shop?

    There are many ways to promote your products with the platform.

    • Discounts
    • Vouchers
    • Free shipping promotion/subsidies
    • Incentive program’s
    • Join campaigns
    How customers but on TikTok Shop?

    By utilizing your LIVE streams and short videos your customers will follow given pathway to buy your products:

    • Showcase tab
    • Click on product
    • add to basket

    You can manage orders, order tracking, shipping, returns, and payment methods withing seller center easily.

    What Our Clients Say


    Excellent experience working with Bitimerce. They took the time to help me understand the process and what requirements were needed to complete my order.

    Fawaz Houranli

    It was an amazing experience working with the Bitimerce! Everything was delivered on time. Very professional work and they know what they are doing. Best bang for your buck. 

    Angellna Fox

    I engaged the Bitimerce team because I had a great experience with them the first time. They were as usual extremely professional and patient and delivered as promised.

    Ceasar Alamdar

    Exceptional service! They know what they are doing and they give you regular video updates, so you are all on the same page. The Bitimerce team got me more sales than I expected!

    Nick Smith

    I hired Bitimerce agency to handle my Amazon store. They have the best service and amazing customer support. You will see results after hiring them. They are worth hiring.

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