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Bitimerce is here to provide you with the best experience of guide, news, and assistance of E-commerce services of world-leading marketplaces. As an E-commerce platform, Bitimerce’s goal is to keep you updated about commerce trends with daily informational, educational, and entertaining content. Our motive is to take your business to the next heights of success.

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Our services help your business improve in many different ways. As you know, technology is always changing, and our involvement in the internet marketing industry ensures we are experts in our field.


All of our clients have access to a shared google drive file that shows you exactly what we are working on in real time.

Results Monitoring

Efforts are tracked so you know where your money is going. Results are monitored to ensure we reach your goals!


Monthly video reporting is done to show you our progress. You will have access to all data and we teach you how to read it!

24 hour Support

Whatever service you choose, Bitimerce LLC is here to help. We offer our clients 24-hour support 7 days a week.

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Excellent experience working with Bitimerce. They took the time to help me understand the process and what requirements were needed to complete my order. Great response time and communication.

Fawaz Houranli

Amazing experience! Everything was delivered in a timely manner. Very professional work and they really know what they are doing. Best bang for your buck!!!

Angellna Fox

I engaged them because I had a great experience with them the first time. They were as usual extremely patient and delivered as promised. Highly recommended.

Ceaser Alamdar

Exceptional service! They really know what they are doing. They give regular video updates, so you are all on the same page, and they are great with ads! They got me more sales than I expected!

Frequently Asked Question’s

Amazon FBA Private Label

What it actually means?

Amazon FBA private label means to choose and sell existing products on Amazon, under your own brand name. Hunt a product, contact its suppliers and your product will be manufactured, in bulk, at cost, under your brand name.

Is it expensive?

In the context of starting something up, it’s not expensive at all. You can start a proprietary product by around $10,000 but this revenue lowers to a few hundred dollars when you private label your own product.

What are its key benefits?

It’s an attractive opportunity for increased profits with low competition. Private labels compete with branded products and are usually sold at lower prices.

Amazon Dropshipping

Is it legal?

Generally, dropshipping from amazon to eBay is legal but there are some prohibited products. You cannot dropship such products.

How much I can earn by this model?

In the context of starting something up, it’s not expensive at all. You can start a proprietary product by around $10,000 but this revenue lowers to a few hundred dollars when you private label your own product.

Can we ship our own products on AMZ?

Yes, you can. Many Amazon sellers have a mix of both structures, the Amazon Fulfillment method or they ship their products on their own.


Walmart Dropshipping

Does Walmart allow to dropship?

Dropshipping from Walmart is not allowed but you can dropship on Walmart. You can either ship your products to the Walmart warehouse or you can ship them on your own (under the DSV program).

Can we dropship from WM to Shopify?

Yes, anyone can add any Walmart product to your Shopify store.

Does Ebay allow to dropship?

It is not allowed to dropship from Walmart directly. But clearance sales are another good option for eBay sellers.

Bulk Product Listings

What does Bulk Product Listing mean?

In the bulk listing, sellers can create a wide number (bulk) of listings collectively. This method is used for the listing of similar items using Amazon templates. It is not only time-saving but also more fruitful in terms of productivity.

Does AMZ allow bulk product listing?

Yes, you can create bulk product listings but only for FBA products on Amazon. This is performed by Inventory File Templates for various product categories.

The Manual or bulk : What’s better?

Each has its benefits.

Manual listing is more accurate. The seller takes extra care of the title, description, bullets, and images in this method.
Bulk listing is time-saving and more productive. It raises the chances of getting impressions leading to increased sales.

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